Brad Abrahams Optometry is undergoing a radical revamp

and will be closed from 1pm on 2nd July 2019 until Sunday 14th July 2019.

Pop by from Monday 15th July 2019 to see our great new look!

While we are closed we will still be able to answer urgent queries via email and telephone during business hours.

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Human vs. Machine - Who Wins?

Recently we have been asked quite a few times if we have the new ‘frame styler technology’ that is available in other practices. Our reply is, yes. Yes we do. Their names are Ahsaan, Agnes and Trish. With decades of experience between them, they will always be able to find a frame that suits you.

At Brad Abrahams we know that innovative, state of the art technology has its place within the eye examination process (and Brad is known for his frequent purchases of new toys!) that are able to give an unrivalled view of the retina. However, when it comes to the frame selection process there is nothing we prefer more than using the human eye and experience to decide what looks great.

For those of you who don’t know, the ‘frame styler technology’ is a machine that uses facial analysis to scan your face shape and features and decides on a list of frames that would suit you. Our response is, where’s the fun in that? The frame selection process should be fun and interactive, how can you do that by just shoving your face in to a machine?

With us, we create a whole experience just for you. You are the star of the show. You can sit and relax with a coffee while we use our expertise to find frames for you, or we browse the frame selections with you, offer you advice and perhaps get you to push your boundaries to try something totally new and different. That human interaction and fun is something that can’t be replicated with a machine, for one there is certainly a lot less laughter!

So in our opinion, the results of Human vs, Machine is:

Human 1 – Machine 0.