'A CHANEL Show is always a SPECTACLE..'

Valentines Day is just around the corner so we thought we would take a moment to share the LOVE.. and right now we are loving the new season Chanel sun glass range. Not only have they introduced a more romantic, feminine spirit to the designs but they are more refined and intricate than ever. 


Our favourites here at Brad Abrahams include the 'Glossy Chain' design which presents a palette of tones ranging from deep black to crystalline transparency. These particular sun glasses also take on vibrant shades such as incandescent red and storm blue, as well and two tone black and white.  There is also an optical model which comes in a round, oval, rectangular or square.

photo 1.JPG

The other one we have a soft spot for is the 'Crystal Dream' which has to be an iconic design at Chanel. The two-tone is reinterpreted on both the optical models and the sunglasses marrying transparency with intense colour. The temples are transulcent in nylon fibre to contrast with the acetate frames. The whole look of these glasses combine classicism with modernity. 

We think you will fall in love just as much as we have..

Any of our sun glasses are a perfect Valentines day gift or maybe your jetting off away from this English weather and need something to look fabulous in?! Feel free to pop in and have a try on.