New in: Urband Eyewear

URBAND was established by Cyril Vigier and Frederic Ferrant. What they have in common is their experiences traveling all over the world from Europe to the US to Asia. “Meeting people, and cultural exchanges” during their travels, is the point of origin for Urband. 

It’s a spotlighted French brand, providing a breath of fresh air into “sheet metal glasses” with “vivid colour”. Entirely hand made in Japan, all their creations look for maximum comfort, using only the lightest materials available. They use titanium for the front and spring hinges without screws - realising great comfort for the wearer.

"I love to mention Paris, where I live, New York, where I use to live, Tokyo & Hong Kong, where I travel several times a year, as many sources of inspirations. The energy and melting pot from those cities are in the heart of Urband."