Nothing quite like a bit of something new

The team at Brad Abrahams had a fantastic time in London at 100% Optical Exhibition and have come away with two new brands of frames to offer you.


Inspired by and designed in London, Hook LDN is a British eyewear brand that specialises in creating high quality, style led designs that are influenced by their passions for music and fashion. 

Hook LDN showcases intelligent construction and refined aesthetics, manufactured using contrasting metals and patterned acetates in their bold yet elegant range of frames.


Booth & Bruce eyewear was born in the 1990's; it is a company that delivers funky and fashionable frames. With a collaboration of urban chic, and daring design, mixed with colour schemes to push boundaries, Booth & Bruce serves eyewear realness on a global scale.

Today, by the constant evolution of our designs, Booth & Bruce continues to provide modern, stylish, and ultimately funky frames, to the modern, stylish and funky wearer!