Post-Easter Sweet Treat

Easter may be over but you can still get a sweet treat from us!

Brad Abrahams is able to offer another cracking deal for varifocal wearers.

If you purchase a mid to top range varifocal lens with a new frame then you can get £200 off a second pair of varifocals. It's great to have a back up pair of glasses if you are having a run of bad luck, or maybe you would like to be summer ready and have a pair of varifocal sunglasses?

But what about if you aren't sure you want a second pair of varifocals? Maybe you are a first time wearer or you would just prefer to have another pair of glasses for reading in bed at night, or a pair to whack on when driving? Good News, this offer is also extended to you! If you purchase a second pair of frames with a single vision lens then you can get up to £150 off. The added bonus is that as mentioned above, it does include sunglasses too, so you can be stylish and prepare for those sunny days that are coming our way.

Terms and conditions do apply and this offer ends on 30.09.18. Want to know more? Then pop in to the practice where your questions can be answered, and if you are struggling to find a frame that is perfect for you then the Brad Abrahams team can help with that too!