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CONTACT LENSES (and Recycling of)

The latest innovations in contact lens technology - all contact lenses are not the same! 


  • Contact lens technology has advanced enormously in the last five years, making lenses more comfortable to wear than ever before.

  • With 33 years of contact lens fitting experience, and unlike some large multiple optical practices, Brad Abrahams draw from all contact lens suppliers across the UK. We have had a proven success rate even with people who have been told that they can’t wear lenses.

  • A contact lens assessment involves trying several different designs of lenses over a period of weeks before settling on what is healthiest, and most comfortable, for each person’s eyes.




Our Range

We carry the full range of daily, fortnightly, monthly or annual disposable lenses. One of the best lenses available today is the well-proven Acuvue Oasys lens from Johnson and Johnson.

Daily Disposables

The latest dailies are a million miles from the old-fashioned Ciba Dailies that so many people still tolerate. Goodbye gritty, scratchy eyes! We are constantly keeping up with the latest technology, and we are always amongst the first practices to introduce the newest products, including the Acuvue Oasys 1-day!

Toric lenses

Have astigmatism? Toric lenses are available as a daily, fortnightly, monthly or annual replacement lens. New technology means that if you have had problems with toric lenses before, it is most likely those problems will no longer exist.

Progressive (Multifocal) lenses

These lenses are the equivalent to varifocal spectacles, which provide the wearer with clear vision at near and far distances. We have been successfully prescribing these lenses for many years and have been using the new Oasys for Presbyopia lens successfully, as well as the latest DAILY DISPOSABLE MULTIFOCALS.

Gas permeable lenses

As a specialist in rigid gas permeable contact lenses which we have been prescribing for 35 years now, and have developed a large RGP client base who enjoy the benefits of these long-lasting lenses. Our preferred bespoke supplier of gas permeable lenses is No.7 where we obtain a bespoke fitting service for the latest designs and materials.

contact lens recycling


With growing concern about the environment and particularly the use of plastics in all industries. At Brad Abrahams we take our responsibilities seriously and that’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with ACUVUE® and TerraCycle® with the Contact Lens Recycle Programme.