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Many people still believe the only difference between lenses is the prescription. This is definitely not the case. There are many types of lenses out there, and it’s important to find the type that best meets your needs. At Brad Abrahams we take the time during your eye examination to demonstrate lenses and to offer you advice on choosing the right ones for your eyesight and lifestyle. 

We are proud to be a Varifocal Specialist. In fact, were accredited by Hoya as Varifocal Experts, please visit our Varifocal lenses page for more information.


As most of our clients already know, we like to stay ahead of the game with technology, so we've ditched the ruler and marker pen! We have been using with great success the visuReal® portable which turns our iPads into a light, mobile and very precise video centration system. The visuReal® video centering system provides a precise measurement which guarantees a perfect centering of spectacle lenses, it automatically and quickly determines all the important parameters required to manufacture a pair of spectacles.

This method is the most accurate way of measuring for opthalmic lenses, optimum clarity and performance is guaranteed. Click here for more information.


Lens options:

Our standard lenses are made of a material known as PNX, this material is clearer, tougher and lighter than a standard index lens. It comes with a scratch resistant, reflective-free coating and 100% UV protected as standard. The following options are also available:

  • Anti-reflective: This coating comes as standard with our PNX lenses. It is the best possible anti-glare coating on the market. Reduced reflections, clearer vision and improved appearance, this coating now lasts longer and is easier to clean as it is hydrophobic.

  • Photochromic: Using the very latest technology, this light sensitive tint adjusts automatically in sunlight giving comfortable vision. Comes with UV protection and is now faster than ever.

  • Thin & Light : improved cosmetic appearance, more comfortable to wear.

  • Polarised: dramatically reduces glare, improving vision and comfort. 100% UV protection.