Do you suffer from watery, scratchy, dry or itchy eyes?

This is a problem for many people.

The causes are often complex and inter-related. It requires time and perseverance to identify the causes and treat them successfully. Often, referral results in medications being advised which often do little to solve the problem.

At Brad Abrahams we now run clinical sessions to address this issue, and clients do find it very beneficial. It requires an initial visit of around 30 minutes. During this visit, several different tests and dyes are used to evaluate the condition of the anterior portion of the eye. Following diagnosis of the cause of the dry/irritable/watery eyes, a treatment regimen is advised. A follow-up visit is done between one and three months after.

The treatment regime will be different for each person based on the root cause of the problem, but may involve things such as Eyebags, Tear supplements and Omega supplements amongst other modalities.

Brad Abrahams, dry eyes.jpg

This clinic does not offer a “quick fix” or a “cure” for the problem. Rather, by use of management methods it aims to reduce or eliminate the symptoms you are bothered by, but requires your on-going input to keep the problem under control. Rather like one becomes used to the daily routine of cleaning ones teeth, simple methods, used daily, can dramatically improve problems of this nature with the eyes.

This clinic is not NHS funded, and so your visit costs £60. The aim is to find the root cause of the problem and target simple and effective treatment for it.