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Eye health to the highest standard is our passion

Because every individual’s needs are different… The eye examination is the cornerstone of the service myself and my team provide. There are many different ways in which to assess eyesight, I select the most appropriate to the individual using the latest technology.

Your eyesight is a precious sense, so it is very important that you have regular eye examinations, at least every two years, whether you feel you need spectacles or not.

What makes us different to other Optometrists?

Optomap, a panoramic map of the eye and OCT; akin to an MRI scan, is included in the price of a private eye examination at Brad Abrahams.

 Optomap imaging at Brad Abrahams

Optomap imaging at Brad Abrahams

 OCT imaging at Brad Abrahams

OCT imaging at Brad Abrahams

What to do if you feel something wrong with your eyes

If you are concerned that you may have something wrong with your eyesight, either one of the conditions covered here or any other concerns, you should make an appointment to see us to have your eye examined.

If you injure your eye or suffer severe pain, you should go to your nearest ophthalmic clinic or accident and emergency department as soon as possible. A regular eye health check can also pick up problems with your general health as well as that related to your vision.