We are proud to be a Varifocal Specialist. In fact, were accredited by Hoya as Varifocal Experts, retaining a massive 96% audited success rate. We particularly find great success with their ID range of individualised varifocal lenses. 

ENHANCED DIGITAL EXPERIENCE for the clearest vision possible


As most of our clients already know, we like to stay ahead of the game with technology, so we ditched the ruler and marker pen some 3 years ago! We have been using with great success the visuReal® portable which turns our iPads into a light, mobile and very precise video centration system. The visuReal® video centering system provides a precise measurement which guarantees a perfect centering of spectacle lenses, it automatically and quickly determines all the important parameters required to manufacture the most accurate lenses possible.

This method ensures optimum clarity and performance is guaranteed. Click here for more information.